Major Oak Cabinet Maker and Luthier

My name is Jonathan and I create high quality furniture, violins and custom replica woodwork using age old cabinet making, lutherie and woodcraft techniques to give you something beautifully hand crafted that you will want to pass on to future generations.

I recognise that for the discerning client the look and feel of the end product, while of great importance, is not the whole story and that how it is made is just as essential.

Most responsible societies now understand that everything must be achieved with minimal impact on the environment and the creation of high quality woodwork is no different.

To achieve this I pursue the following principals in everything I create:

  • Source wood locally, to minimise transport costs
  • Use reclaimed wood where possible, to minimise the need to cut down trees
  • Buy from FSC approved forests, to ensure responsible forestry management
  • Make up large widths of timber from multiple small widths of wood (GluLam - Glued Laminated Wood) to minimise the use of single large widths of wood and therefore the need to fell large old trees
  • Use traditional hand tools to minimise the use of electric tools, jigsaws, circular saws, routers etc. and keep power usage to a minimum

This all contributes not only to a beautifully hand crafted product but ensures you can feel that something that is beautiful in your home doesn't have an ugly past!